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2x Zero In Scent-Free Hanging Unit Moth Killer, Kills Clothing Moths Larvae Eggs

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  • 2x Zero In Scent-Free Hanging Unit Moth Killer, Kills Clothing Moths Larvae Eggs

    • Scent-free clothes moth killer cassette hangs in wardrobes, drawers, airing cupboards and suitcases to prevent damage to woollens, furs, silks and natural fibres
    • Treats clothes moths infestations for up to 6 months: Protects against damage caused by clothing moths, their larvae and eggs
    • No unpleasant smells, scent or fragrance: Unit does not drip or stain; easy to use effective control of clothes moths
    • Moth repellent can be hung or placed flat down: Use the supplied product life indicators to keep track of when to replace them to maintain effectiveness
    • Contains transfluthrin

    Product Description

    Moth Killer Hanging Unit - Twin pack from Zero In is ideal for hanging in a wardrobe or can be used placed flat down in a drawer. The units protect clothes against damage caused by clothing moths, larvae and eggs for up to six months. Suitable for use in wardrobes, cupboards, drawers, suitcases and airing cupboards in the home, the unit is non-staining and protects all natural fabrics, including cashmere, without leaving any unpleasant smell, odours, fragrance or drips. The active ingredient, transfluthrin, is enclosed in the unit, preventing contact with any clothes or skin whilst handling it.

    Directions for Use
    • Remove the product from the sealed packaging
    • For use in wardrobes, unclip the hanger and hook onto clothes rail
    • For use in drawers and cupboards, place the unit flat down with the slotted front facing upwards
    • Avoid directly covering the front of the unit in all locations
    • Two units are sufficient for a wardrobe of one cubic metre (2 m (H) x 1 m (W) x 0.5 m (D))
    • Each unit has a product life indicator. To use, slide the marker to the month when the unit requires replacing - six months after first use. At this time, a new unit should be used to ensure continued protection.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    1) How long should each unit last?

    • Two units provide approximately six months of use. There is an indicator on each unit as a reminder as to when to replace.

    2) Does the unit kill the moths and larvae?

    • Yes, the active ingredient is an insecticide which is absorbed into the insect and this kills them

    3) Can I hang it on the door handle?

    • This unit is designed to go in confined spaces such as drawers and airing cupboards in the home. It has a hanger facility to enable it to be hung in wardrobes.

    4) What is the active ingredient?

    • Active ingredient transfluthrin 1.28 percent fragrance free.

    Box Contains

    • 2 x Clothes moth killer hanging units
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