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300ml Zero In Home Carpet Cats Dogs Pet Flea Treatment Spray for cats dogs

Brand: STV
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  • 300ml Zero In Home Carpet Cats Dogs Pet Flea Treatment Spray for cats dogs

    • For treatment of living areas including pet bedding, baskets, cushions and rugs
    • One can treats up to 15 square metres
    • Do not use on pets, humans or human bedding
    • Kills cat and dog fleas and their larvae
    • Contains Permethrin

    Product Description

    Zero In Home Flea Spray provides a long lasting protection against fleas and larvae. Ideal for use around the home, including pet bedding, baskets, cushions and rugs, it kills fleas and larvae on contact. Intended for indoor use. Repeat the process as required for continuous results. Do not spray on animals, humans, or human bedding. Keep out of the reach of children. Be sure to spray areas where fleas could hide, as well as where they have been seen. Avoid spraying plastics or polished surfaces. Always test on an inconspicuous area first. How quickly will it work? Kills on contact.Where do I spray? Where you have seen fleas or where fleas could congregate.Can I spray direct onto the animal? No - treat the areas where you have seen fleas, pet bedding, rugs etc. Keep any pets or children out of the area whilst spraying and do not admit until the spray has dried.What is the active ingredient? Active Ingredient Cypermethrin 0.117%.Should I ventilate the room whilst spraying? Ventilate the room after spraying, before returning to the room.

    DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake the can well before use. Spray all areas where fleas have been seen or could congregate. Spray lightly from a distance of about 40 cm and treat at a rate of about 20 ml per square metre of surface. Treatment can be repeated as required.

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