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Whole House Electronic Ultrasonic Rat, Mouse and Cockroach Repeller Repellent

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  • Whole House Electronic Ultrasonic Rat, Mouse and Cockroach Repeller Repellent

    • Advanced Dual Function Pest control system: Electromagnetic interference & Ultrasonic sound
    • Plug in to any mains socket in the house
    • Repels and deters mice and rats
    • Covers up to 2,500sq ft house (large 3 bed house)
    • Compact stylish unit
    • Low-energy constant operation - less than 1.5p per day
    • Will not affect humans or cats and dogs
    • Simply plug it in... and switch it on!

    Manufacturer's Description

    The Sonic Pest Repeller is an advanced dual function device to repel mice and rats.

    This new advanced technology repeller uses fluctuating ultrasonic waves to cause stress to pests and disrupts their normal behaviour - this makes it uncomfortable for them to stay in the same room as the device. The electromagnetic function uses every electrical cable in your home to carry and transmit a signal, which can be detected by pests up to 1 metre from any cable - even inside wall and ceiling spaces. Both of these functions combine to repel the pests and keep them away, without having to use inhumane traps or chemicals.

    The device is easy to use - simply plug it in to a standard three pin socket and switch it on. It can be used in any room of the house and is safe to use in the vicinity of humans, cats, dogs, fish and birds. The device will not affect other electrical equipment in your home.

    This unit FLASHES so anyone with photo sensitive problems please beware. If the blue light is flashing its working!

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