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Zero In 60-Day Insect & Best Fly Killer - Insect Repellent FREE P&P UK

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  • Zero In 60-Day Insect & Best Fly Killer - Insect Repellent
    • Adjustable release lasts up to 60 days
    • Kills and repels insects in homes & gardens
    • Portable insect control for holiday travel
    • Contains Permethrin
    • Size: 130 x 80 x 35 - 87g

    Product Description

    The 60-Day Fly & Insect Killer from Zero In emits a special formula to repel and kill most flying insects, without the need of using any electric or batteries. It has an adjustable release dispenser allowing for controlled use. When the unit is completely open, it will treat a room of 40 cubic metres. Suitable for use in the home or garden and is portable for use on holiday.

    Take care to position the unit away from direct heat such as radiators and very sunny windows and out of strong draughts. This will help maximize the life of the unit. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Wash hands after use.
    Is there anywhere I cannot use this product? Do not use near direct heat such as radiators or on sunny window sills or in draughts. Keep away from surfaces where food is prepared.Can I adjust the strength of the cassette? By exposing the vents at the bottom of the cassette, this will increase the potency of the unit.How many can I have in one room? Do not exceed one unit per 20-40 cubic meters What is the active ingredient? Contains Permethrin 0.09%Is this safe to use around children and pets? Yes this is safe if used in accordance with the on-pack directions for use.Is it reusable? NoShould the room it is placed in be ventilated? Not needed for this product, always use as per directions for use.What is the size of the unit? 130mm x 80mm x 35mm - 87gWhat other insects does it kill? Various types of flying insectsHow much coverage does one fully open unit provide? 40 cubic metres.
    DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Remove the cardboard sleeve, and raise the dispenser cover, exposing the vents. The insect killer will begin to work instantly.Adjust the number of vents open, dependent upon the room size or size of area where the unit is situated.When completely open, one unit will treat a room of 40 cubic metres. We recommend that it is used half open for an area of 20 cubic metres. If used with all the vents exposed the product will be effective for approximately 8 weeks.Take care to position the dispenser away from direct heat such as radiators and very sunny windows, and out of strong draughts, this will help to maximize its work lifespan.

    Box Contains

    1 x 60 Day Fly & Insect Killer Unit
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